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From the readings and sapthahams and Navahams I attended in Mumbai, I could gather some knowledge which I would like to share with my readers who have always evinced and expressed great interest and inquisitiveness to acquire the knowledge potential. I too strongly believe that the knowledge we gather from books and discourses and even discussions with knowledgeable souls should be shared with others from time to time. Otherwise, it remains futile like the wealth with a miser which is of no use. I am sure these stories and articles which contain good morals will be more helpful particularly, to the younger generation to instil in them a passion for learning our cultural heritage!

Here in these series of articles and stories, I wish to start with some striking stories which I recollect from the spiritual discoureses, Bhagavatham etc and I wish to begin with:


Sometimes, when someone does something, the result or the fruit of action goes to somebody else, no matter it is good or bad! While doing the action, no one seriously thinks about the result, but concentrates only on the action. This is purely based upon the universal tenet or principle of -Desire, action and fruit of action in due course or KAMAM, KARMAM AND KARMA FALAM. To make it more explicit, the Law of Karma applies. One can control the first two ie, Kamam and Karma but he has absolutely no control over the fruit of action which may be savoury or unsavoury but, the Kartha has to accept it silently as his fate or what is destined to him.

One day, early in the morning, a lay man was walking along the road. While moving forward in a pensive mood, he casually happened to see a mango tree with full of ripe mangoes in a nearby orchard. Naturally, anybody will salivate at such a tempting sight. As soon as he saw and was tempted, he desired to have it somehow. He straight away went there, climbed on the tree and plucked some of the ripe mangoes and climbed down.

When he reached the ground and was relishing the juicy mango, he saw the owner of the mango orchard standing there with a walking stick. He was on his usual morning walk. He asked him,” Why did you pluck the mango without anybody’s permission? Do you know, I am the owner of this orchard”?

The man was fumbling and trembling to give a cogent reply. Failing to get a convincing reply from the man who stood downcast with the half-sucked mango, the man bluntly started beating him on his bumps with his walking stick and the poor man was bitterly crying for the innocent act which was interpreted and alleged as a day- light theft. The owner seized the half-eaten mango from his hand and threw it in the bush. This was like adding salt to injury. In summary, it was a total disappointment for him. Now, let us see who is actually the culprit and who is getting the punishment and who is crying.?

Actually, while he was walking, his eyes only first saw the mangoes and the desire to have it germinated in his mind. Acting quickly on the command of the mind the legs started walking towards the mango tree. When it reached the spot, his hands and legs helped to climb the tree and his hands plucked the mango and his mouth ate it and his tongue relished and enjoyed which was passed on to the stomach finally. Now, we can analyse the chain of action and fruit of action.

To begin with, the eye didn’t go but the legs have gone but the hands only plucked the mango. Mouth had eaten but the tongue only relished it and finally the stomach got the essence of the fruit, which means the result of the efforts of all other parts was received by the stomach, but the poor bumps which never did anything wrong had to receive the harsh beatings of the landlord. But who cried and shed the tears? The poor eyes simply for committing the mistake of having shone him the mangoes, which finally ended up in a chain of actions! The moral- Someone does some action and someone else receives the fruit of action, may be good or bad in the chain of occurrences! Here of course the eyes showed the mangoes and had to shed tears for the man’s theft!


(Verbatim translation in to English by the author himself for the benefit of all.)
Original Malayalam poem GANDHARVA JANMAM in KEKA meter
sung by the renowned music legend PADMASHREE Dr K J YESUDAS
at Dasettan@50 FESTVAL telecast by ASIANENT recently)

Making me sing mis-notes in my previous births
God bestowed upon me a singer’s birth this time!
Nay, provided me with the worthiest abode too Gifted with abundant love and affection!

Besides, HE also blessed me with parents with With

no similitude who flowed galore upon me
The ineffable warm of fond embraces
Even while amidst their umpteen agonies!

Ever do I gather and store the nectar of music Sumptuous with several intricate notes For making it a solace to every one So too for my own gratification!

Even while the whole world is extolling me
As the celestial maestro, never am I blind in the inebriation of arrogance!
The more I imbibe wisdom and lore,
Lo! The more do I understand,
I am still a student of music!

Nothing has ever come on its own one fine morning,
But my subtle dedication and perseverance,
The truth behind all my achievements, indeed
Everything, a pilgrimage in my ritual of musical life!

Music is my soulmate from which emanates
My whole happiness and ecstasy!
I’ll return to this part of earth birth after birth
If ALMIGHTY GOD graciously grants me! *******************


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