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MIND ( Thomas Kalathoor)


I am a dad and a grand dad, I am proud of that.
I am old, getting weaker, becoming a liability
I am worn out just like an old leather shoe left aside.
I saw the sunlight before the darkness left and got up.


I was tired, I went to the patio where the old canvas chair comfort me
I was bored with the sturdy sofa cushions and the closed rooms.
I was missing the real world with real flowers, butterflies and real people
I was eager to feel the real breeze embracing me and the real sun shining on me


Everybody can enjoy these God given gifts of nature, with a clear and positive heart
Everybody can enjoy the beauty and harmony for an enchanting life
Nobody measures how much you enjoyed and charges you for that
Nobody restricts you because of your color, religion or nationality.


Family gives you children, to enjoy with
Children give you grandkids to full-fill the enjoyment
Society gives you company, to mingle with
Life gives you hard lessons, how to deal with the close and the distant.

Expect, unexpected when you are old
Expect, signs of unacceptability from beloveds
Expect, anger when you advise and ask questions
Expect, an order.. “mind your own business”.. any time


Do not reason, anything that hurts you
Do not think, how much suffered to build a happy family
Do not think, the enjoyments sacrificed, to raise the kids
Do not think, if “I mind my own business”… then……..

Keep your old canvas chair and enjoy the beauty of nature and laugh off all sadness


Preserve Love and happiness by giving space, the dignified way



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