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Changes in ESI & PF

1)Now you need not file separate EPF transfer claim form 13  on switching jobs

Now, at the time of joining new employer, the employees' can give details of their previous EPF account in new composite F-11 form to give a declaration about their details, a senior official said. 

The EPFO has also decided that the composite declaration form (F-11) will replace Form No 13 in all cases of auto transfer. 
Link your UAN to Aadhaar to get online EPF claim in 5 days.

2)Link your UAN to Aadhaar to get online EPF claim in 5 days

3)How to transfer EPF online: The process

Online transfer of EPF 
When you move from one company to another, you need to transfer your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) as well. With the introduction of Unified Account Number (UAN) for EPFO subscribers, this process has become simpler as the account number remains unchanged. Here’s how to initiate the EPF transfer process online. 

Register on the EPF member portal 
In order to initiate the claims transfer, you need to be a member of the EPF member portal. The registration on the portal can be carried out by logging on to the EPFO India website. 

Portal for online claims transfer 
The employee must access the Online Transfer Claim Portal and register a claim for transfer of EPF. The login details for this portal are the same as those for the member portal. 

Check eligibility 
It is important to check whether you are eligible to make an online transfer claim. In some cases, a physical form (Form 13) must also be submitted. 

If you are eligible to make the transfer online, click on the ‘Request for transfer of funds’ and enter the PF numbers of your previous and current employer. The claim needs to be attested online by either your previous or current employer. On filling in the details, a PIN will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number. 

A tracking ID will be generated to track the progress of the online application. The printable Transfer Claim Form (Form 13) can be saved in the system. Print out Form 13, sign it and submit it to the employer to complete the process of claim submission. 

Points to note 

* The employer can view all claim requests, verify or correct member details, and approve and submit the requests online through this portal. 

* Transfer claims forms can be submitted either by the previous employer or by the current employer. 

4)ESI (Central) Amendment Rules, 2017 Notified:

 Benefits Extended To Surrogate And Adopting Mothers ...
An ‘insured woman’ shall include a commissioning mother who as biological mother wishes to have a child and prefers to get embryo implanted in any other woman as well as a woman who legally adopts a child of upto three months of age.

 “ twelve weeks of which not more than six weeks”, the words

 “twenty-six weeks of which not more than eight weeks” 
This amendment was also carried out under Maternity benefit Act


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