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PF Administrative Charges Reduced


.Maternity Benefits Amendment Act 2017

Recently ministry of labour has amended Maternity Benefits Act by introducing Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Act, 2017. Following changes are made with respect of Maternity benefits of working women in India:

  1. Maternity leave increased to26 weeks from 12 weeks for working women with less than two surviving children
  2. Provisions for work from home for nursing mother- (depends on mutual consent from employee and employer)
  3. Mandatory provisions for establishments havingfifty or more employees to have the facility of crèche.
  4. Extension oftwelve weeks of maternity benefits to the commissioning mother and the adopting mother from the date the child is handed over.

These new changes to the maternity benefits has been came into force with effect from 01st April, 2017.

Maternity benefit under ESI Act  amended in the same line

2.New Scheme for PF Defaulters Extended till June 2017

EPF non enrolled/omitted can be covered without further inspection till 30th June 2017

According to the Scheme, following benefits will be provided to the PF defaulters:

1.Only Employer Share will be levied, No Employees Share.
2.Interest as applicable on Employer’s Share.
3. Damages @ Rs.1/- Per Annum.

3.ESI Cashless Treatment for Emergencies Re-Introduced

On 17th of March, 2017 ESIC has decided to reintroduce cashless benefits for its members in case of dire situations such as employment injury, road traffic accident, and other life threatening emergencies. ESI member can directly seek medical attention from tie up hospitals for cashless treatment.

Tie-up hospital has to immediately start stabilizing treatment and will seek permission from respective SMC office through e-mail for continuing further treatment. Upon receiving email from tie-up hospital, SMC will constitute a committee/designate an official at ESIC hospital/office nearest to the tie up Hospital. This committee/official will visit tie-up hospital by same day/next day to verify and identity emergency and other details of the patient (IP) so as to authenticate continuation of treatment. Once it is verified as genuine, the referral letter may be issued to tie-up hospital for cashless treatment.

4.PF Administrative Charges Reduced to 0.65% from 0.85%  & No Adm. Charges for EDLI


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